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Top 8 Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Vitamin C's many benefits as both a supplement and a topical treatment have caught the attention of so many health-conscious people around the world. Getting enough of this important vitamin contributes to your well-being in many ways. It offers both essential health & beauty improvements.

1 – Antioxidant Power Helps Prevent Disease

Vitamin C is one of the world's most powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants fight the accumulation of free radicals and work against internal stress and cellular damage that contribute to everything from cancer to signs of aging. Antioxidants make your immune system function much better. They make it easier for you to ward off infections of many kinds. Also, they reduce dangerous inflammation can contribute to chronic pain, cardiovascular disease & more.

2 – Improve Heart Health Markers

Although no study claims that vitamin C will completely prevent or cure heart disease, it has shown promise in lowering the risk considerably. Large-scale studies that have lasted a decade have shown that daily use of vitamin C supplements made it 25% less likely to suffer from heart disease in general. Although things like varied diet can also contribute to the increased health, additional studies show promise from vitamin C directly. It can reduce triglycerides, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other risk factors.

3 – Vitamin C Fights Inflammation

Besides its antioxidant powers that naturally fight inflammation throughout the body, studies have shown a reduction in uric acid build up in study groups that take this supplement. Your body naturally produces uric acid during metabolic processes. Usually, it is flushed out of the system through your urine. If this process fails to work as it should, you can develop gout or inflamed joint issues that lead to pain and swelling. Taking vitamin C helps this problem go away.

4 – Boost Immune System Function

One of the most common reasons people supplement with vitamin C is its ability to make your immune system work more efficiently and better. This nutrient supports healthy white blood cell creation, reduces symptoms and act as an antihistamine, shortens recovery time, and minimizes the risk of reinfection.

Although not related to infections or the immune system, similar symptoms like sneezing, sinus congestion, and more caused by allergies also get help from vitamin C. If you have hay fever or any other type of chronic allergic reactions, give this vitamin a try.

5 – Helps Your Body Metabolize Iron

Your red blood cells need iron to transport oxygen to every other part of your body. This helps create energy on cellular and systemic levels. If you want your system to absorb and use the iron effectively, vitamin C can help. Medical research shows a 67% improvement with a minimal amount of this vitamin added to your diet or supplement regimen.

6 – Promotes Collagen Production

Everyone who cares about the fight against aging and the health of their skin knows how important collagen is to how you look and feel. Collagen makes up all your body's connective tissue, which is essential for all your systems to function and hold together properly. It is found in muscles, skin, bones, tendons and ligaments, blood vessels, and your digestive tract. Vitamin C helps your body naturally produce more high-quality collagen.

7 – Faster Wound Healing

You already know that vitamin C fights infections. People commonly use it when they have an illness to get over it more quickly and reduce symptoms. It works well for skin damage, as well. This important nutrient helps heal your body from the inside out, so any cuts, scrapes, or burns get maximum help. A large part of this comes from the collagen boosts and the antioxidant behavior of the vitamin itself. While the wound is healing, it helps stop excess inflammation that can impede fresh cell growth.

8 – Vitamin C & The Fight Against Cancer

Although no medical professionals or researchers claim that vitamin C cures cancer, scientific studies have shown that high doses do provide benefits for those already diagnosed. Intravenous supplementation helped cancer patients experience a higher quality of life. They did not suffer from as many serious side effects of common cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

While eating citrus fruits, tomatoes, and a wide variety of other fresh produce can help you incorporate more vitamin C into your diet, taking a simple supplement is quicker and easier. With an all-natural and delicious gummy option, improving your health and getting all of these and more benefits quickly becomes a matter of habit.

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