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Experience the All-Natural Immune Boost

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Modern scientific research now learns what traditional medicine practitioners have known for thousands of years. Elderberry helps fight infections, heal wounds, treat symptoms of various illnesses & provides an overall boost to your immune system. Whether you simply want to avoid a cold or reduce the risk of catching a more serious illness, adding a delicious and nutritious elderberry gummy supplement to your daily regimen makes sense.

Traditional Uses for The Elderberry Plant

Ancient Egyptians, multiple Native American nations, and early Europeans all use various parts of the Elderberry Plant including the leaves, bark, and berries for medicine. They learned how to prepare these things to prevent some side effects like nausea that comes with eating them raw.

The variety of Sambucus trees spread around the world all have similar qualities when it comes to boosting the immune system and handling unpleasant symptoms of colds and flus. Other uses included minimizing pain topically, reducing inflammation, inducing sweating for a variety of reasons, and even as an emetic.

Nutritional Advantages of this Powerful Berry

Even without claims that elderberries can treat illnesses directly, they are powerfully nutritious and have a wide variety of antioxidants. This alone makes taking a daily supplement an excellent idea. They contain:

  • Vitamin C

  • Flavonoids like quercetin

  • Antioxidants like anthocyanin that reduce inflammation

  • The whole berries also are high in fiber

The amount of antioxidants in elderberry extract has shown amazing benefits for overall health. The medical research community has long known that these important elements help to prevent serious issues like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes type II. These compounds or nutrients help fight against free radicals or byproducts of cellular activity in the body. When they accumulate, health problems may increase.

The brief list only covers the major nutrients found in this popular food, which is usually taken in extract form or as a supplement like our delicious gummies. Elderberry extract also includes many micro and phytonutrients that contribute to its overall efficacy.

Medical Research Proves Symptom Relief

Most people these days take elderberry syrup or a supplement for its immune boosting power. Not only can it help prevent contracting viral infections to some degree, it also minimizes the severity of symptoms for colds, the flu, and more. A variety of studies showed that symptoms were easier to deal with and lasted a much shorter time than in control groups who did not receive any supplements at all.

If you do get sick this season, adding in elderberry extract supplement like our non-GMO, natural, organically sourced, and gluten-free gummies makes sense. They are easy to chew, taste great, and offer nutritional benefits in a convenient way.

A Variety of Elderberry Benefits

No one likes to get the cold or flu. If you do come down with an illness like these, you do not want to suffer with severe symptoms for very long. No one can afford the time off work, and who wants to feel miserable for a week or longer? When you might prevent the illness and make the symptoms easier to deal with and last shorter amount of time with a simple gummy vitamin, why wouldn't you?

The boosts that sambuca plant extracts bring to your life go far beyond the prevention of sniffles & fever. There has not been a huge amount of large-scale research studies performed yet. However, all the smaller ones from different labs and clinics around the world have shown promising effects for a variety of issues. These were not all human-based studies, which means the research community has a lot more work to do to determine all of the benefits of elderberry.

  • Elderberry may inhibit the growth of cancer cells

  • Increases white blood cell production and activity

  • Provides a small amount of sun protection for your skin

  • Helps to regulate blood sugar levels

  • Slows down the growth of certain bacteria

  • Decreases some markers of depression

These convenient gummy supplements include added Vitamin C & Zinc, which are both important for boosting your immune system and minimizing the effect of cold, flu, and other illness symptoms. Together with powerful Elderberry extracts, this all-natural formula is a great option for protecting your health every day of the year.

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