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Our Story

After years of trying to find supplements that could elevate our health and fill the nutritional gap inherent in most daily diets, my brother and I took the matter into our own hands.

 Many of us are looking to enhance our daily game through supplementation, but are concerned with adverse health effects or just can’t get past the horrible taste! That’s why our team at Essential Supplements set out to formulate our products with two fundamental tenants in mind: 

  1. Delivering the highest quality of nutritional support 

  2. Never compromising taste nor presentation

As a physician, I know all too well how demanding and challenging it is to meet daily goals. But every supplement was just the same old thing, manufactured with synthetic and outdated medical formulations. On the other hand, my brother—looking for support while working through Law School—was fed up with taking supplements that left him feeling nauseous and in a rush to change the taste in his mouth. Knowing that we weren’t the only ones, we committed ourselves to formulating supplements that not only taste amazing and provide an enjoyable experience, but most importantly use the newest and best medical research.


Our supplements are all naturally sourced, with organic non-gmo, vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free ingredients. We brought the power of nature to FDA Approved Facilities in New York, to build supplements that will empower you to live your best life. Whether it be conquering medical school, law school, or overcoming everyday challenges. Evolve with the power of Nature!


Healthy Starts Here,


Chris & Patrick

Founders of Essential Supplements

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